Resort Facilities: Safety, Rooms, Dining & Recreation  
Our three air-conditioned four-plexes sit right on one of the most impressive beaches in the Pacific. The power on Bikini Atoll is U.S. Standard 110 Volt/60 Hertz. Where in the world can you walk out your front door at any time of the day and be the only man standing on a 2 mile stretch of a clean, white sandy beach?Visitors to Bikini sleep in air-conditioned comfort with 24 hour power and hot running water. We also have accommodations available for those who prefer not to stay in air conditioned rooms.
Most customers when they leave Bikini weigh more than when they got there. Our chef is an experienced hotel cook and puts out an "all you can eat" buffet style selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most lunches and dinners have at least one choice of fresh fish. All produce is imported from Hawaii, California and New Zealand. At left, Al Giddings comes back for a second "high voltage" helping at the Ground Zero Galley. [ Fabio Amaral]
The Fishing Boat: The new Twin Vee (twin hull) 30' fishing boat was purchased in 2001. All of our fishing tours are guided by an American with 4 years of fishing experience on Bikini Atoll.

Music: Local Artists come in and Play for your enjoyment

Before each dive our divemasters give a full briefing about the vessel's history and unique characteristics, and a comprehensive dive plan. Pictured is our newly configured Ground Zero Galleria briefing room.
The Dive Boat: We are currently using a Hammerhead front loading diveboat for the dive program this year:

Bikini Atoll Divers Hammerhead Dive Boat
Length: 25', Beam: 10'
Bill Munson Aluminum Construction deep "V" hull with drop front gate and side ladder. Benches to accommodate 8 to 12 divers. Our alternative dive boat is also a Hammerhead and has all the same basic specifications.

We have our own brand new oxygen generation machines right on island.
Safety is the main priority for our resort on Bikini. One of the most impressive features of our dive program is our decompression station that is hung from the dive boat. Divers hang comfortably from stainless steel bars at 30, 20 and 10 feet. Boat supplied oxygen mixes [usually between 50% and 80%] are given to divers at the 20 and 10 foot levels to help off-gas nitrogen more efficiently: yet another added safety feature on Bikini.All of our divemasters are fully certified Divers Alert Network Oxygen Providers. We have a full range of safety equipment from DAN on the boat and at the resort for this purpose.
At the Ground Zero Galley dining facility, for our guests' perusal, we have a wide selection of books, magazines and charts, pictures and plans of our ships.All water on Bikini for drinking and bathing is made from a new high-tech reverse osmosis plant.
For after hours we have a wide range of equipment for our visitors to use including a ping pong table, a weight room, and a large screen TV video room with a large selection of recent Hollywood releases and old time favorites. We now have a DVD player on Bikini. If you have any old DVDs that you don't want any more, bring them to Bikini to donate to our staff!
Our divemasters are fully trained and certified to repair most brands of scuba gear in our fully equipped dive repair shop. We do have Scubapro and Poseidon parts (limited supply) but be wise, make sure you have your regulator serviced before your trip!Our tank filling station is state of the art with nitrox capabilities. We no longer provide helium for trimix.

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